Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review

On close study and testing, this Tomtom XL 2 IQ review will show you how attractive and how it has some very useful features which this sat nav produces. When viewed from the front, it looks similar to the GO 950, Tomtom’s premium sat nav model, because of its 4.3” wide screen and stylish bezel.

Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review

The relatively slimmer model has an integrated mount that makes it easier to transfer the device together with the mount, between cars.  Though, Tomtom has come up with a new attachment system for the mount, yet this one is not equipped with it, instead has the old wire ring mount. There is a mini USB plug in the device, which is used both for data transfer to PC, and also battery charging in car. But the socket is so deep embedded in the device that it takes a few tries to plug in the charger. A strange thing about the XL2 is that, there is no carrying pouch included in its package.

Outline idea of the gadget.

The earlier models of Tomtom had complicated interfaces with icons crowded on the main menu. But this device is different. Here the interface is very simple, and there are just two big icons in the main menu screen, and a small strip segment at the bottom of the menu screen contains another icon. From the two main icons, you can plan your route, and can go through the map of the region. The other small icon lets you choose from the different categories of the various points of interest. This gives you a clear vision of the nearest points of interest. But the device slows down quite a bit while showing the map or zooming on the map.

The submenu you enter on choosing the bigger icon of route planning looks quite similar to the submenus of the previous models of the company. You can choose to navigate from that menu, to a chosen point of interest. You can save a list of your favorite destinations, and your home address. The device autosaves the recently visited places that you navigated with it. Another way to find a place from your last destinations is to enter a postcode and then shortlist your destination from the street name and house number. A drawback of the device is that you cannot get to a search result using a keyword. You will have to have a clear cut idea about the location you are searching for, it may be the street name or postal code etc. But if you want to search for a restaurant or school then the search will be category based search and then you won’t need specific addresses.

The Features that attract the most.

A great feature seen in the Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review, is the prediction of roads and routes by a special calculation using Tomtom’s IQ Routes. It analyses the recent history of traffic in a route, and then calculates how much time it may take to go through that route, and accordingly suggests alternative routes to avoid traffic jams.

The XL2 doesn’t change to the night mode on its own, by analyzing the day light, or through time calculation. You have to manually switch it to the night mode, and to do such function like night mode switching, and putting the sound on or off etc, you need to use the second row of the icons. Besides providing access to the Options, the icons in the secondary row have something very important, and that is the ‘Help’ menu. You can get all your queries answered here.

You get your current location on the map, and your position, and co-ordinates throughout the map, all in the initial screen. From this point, you can access all points of interest together, in case of an emergency, and that too very quickly. You can just call any of your points of interest by accessing the phone number from the database.

The best thing about XL2 is its very simple interface, one that suits novice users who are first time using a sat-nav gadget. Earlier the menus in the navigators of Tomtom used to be too confusing with loads of options and choices, which are reduced quite a lot in XL2 to make it look neat and understandable.

When you have once spotted your needed destination and are nearing it, then you get all info about it at the bottom of the screen, and also parallelly get the speed and the limit, the time to reach destination, ETA, and current time. There appears an icon on the right telling you the next turning too.

Keeping the device price in mind, you would be glad to know that, you get a much lucrative feature in it. It gives you Advanced Lane Guidance, a feature where a full-screened visual tells you the way to choose, when you are in a complicated turning or intersection. Not only that, but it shows you a realistic sign post that you may find on the lane to get assistance. You will also get alerts about speed cameras.

You can note any map corrections needed in your device. These corrections will be uploaded to the Tomtom maps online, once you connect your device to a PC which is connected online. The XL2 has been launched when some new voice commands have also been launched by the company, and as a result you can download these paid voice commands, which includes C3PO, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Yoda, to the device.

Pro’s of product.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Great value
  • Big screen with full screen and bright graphics

Con’s of product.

  • Map updates are slow
  • Mini USB socket is difficult to access
  • Carrying pouch is not included


Though the device is priced a little higher than its predecessors, yet the large 4.3” display covers for it. The neat and clean interface, improved menu and sub menus, and sorted icons are all nice selling points for the device. The integrated mount is also a good feature to look for. It’s a nice and attractive gadget for the satellite navigation users who are just beginners. The Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review tells, it’s a great choice when you are looking for something similar to a premium personal sat nav system, which is priced affordably.

Navman F610 EZY Review: A Perfect Sat-Nav Device

Reading this Navman F610 EZY review is very important before buying the device to gain a proper idea about it. Car drivers and similar vehicle users use this as a road tracking and navigation device. Its user friendly features, latest technology, ease of use, quick start and lightweight software make it a perfect companion for every journey. This useful gadget helps to navigate distances more quickly than several other devices in its category. It’s a great value for money device for basic users of satellite navigation technology.

Navman F610 EZY review

This gadget provides superb value for money, as considered by its frequent users. It is accurate, eye catching, innovative and ultimately a great item to posses in one’s car. Navman has always been a very popular choice among users of these kinds of products. It was one of the first stand-alone devices depicting satellite navigation units. From those days it has grown as a brand in itself ensuring huge amount of trust among its users. The company is always innovating and suits needs of various ranges of users from pocket friendly devices to high end ones. Some of its salient features are –

  • It is one of the best compact devices in its category or class of devices.
  • It has a quick start menu that helps to navigate destinations very reliably and instantly.
  • Lane guidance is of supreme importance in any driving circumstance.
  • The device ensures the right turn at the right time.
  • It also forecasts which lane one may take for easy approach.
  • It provides 3D views of highways exits, and works just like road signs, may be even better.
  • It has the ability to warn of safety camera locations.
  • Guides drivers of road maneuvers or diversions and tells it via text to speech.
  • Large display sizes are available.
  • It can also show the improvement in the time taken for travel and lesser kilometers used.
  • The map facility is also superb in this device with detailed labeling.

In today’s heavy bumper to bumper traffic, the Navman F610 EZY plays a pivotal role, which in turn has made it popular in its category. People who drive their own cars also look for saving as much time and diversion possible. Today one may not even find a car without a properly loaded navigation device. It is only the features of this device that separates it from the rest. Too many devices have flooded the market due to influx of easy and cheap products from various other makers. But in spite of all these competitions, Navman F610 EZY review shows that the F610 EZY has still been able to retain its trust among its users for its superior quality.

The design and interface are easy and cluster free.

It is white in colour with a piano black bezel body. The back is made of silver coloured plastic. The standard resolution is 480 x 272. The initial set up is a little fiddly and once that is done, one can use it with ease. The user inter phase is of supreme quality which makes this product stand out. It is a brilliant device for a beginners because of its lovely interface and easy to use features. A senior user may opt for higher end devices but a new user would always prefer this. New drivers need the assistance of sat navs more than the drivers who are experienced drivers and the F610 EZY can serve them perfectly. A fresh or young driver tends to take roads by mistake and always concentrates too much on the road and driving, hence he would opt for a system that is less cumbersome and easy to read and browse through.

Few things one needs to keep in mind

One needs to still carry an Atlas or map of any unknown territory being visited. As at times the navigators date might not be correct or precise. One cannot expect the gadget to be 100 percent accurate all the time on all the surfaces. Many remote locations may not be identified or located by the software in the navigator. A local map of the area can be of immense worth in such situations. Even if one gets lost the map will be of good assistance to come out in the clear. Local personnel also will be able to help by using the map.
Just like for every other handheld devices this device also has a few pros and cons. One should be absolutely sure regarding the model one actually needs and the one he would finally buy. Fancy features of other attractive devices, which ultimately may not serve the purpose of the user on the field, should not carry one away. Few concern areas may be –

  • The equipment may not work at its best inside buildings and deep dense forests or woods.
  • Batteries are always a concern, as they get spent very fats. So extra batteries are a must.
  • These may not recognize mountains, rivers and similar obstructions, hence co ordinates may be misleading when these kind of things come in the way of travel.


A navigation device is a must and any driver would claim that. But the prudence lies in selecting, choosing and procuring the right one as per ones driving needs. One who is always driving within the city, one who is driving mostly out of the city to newer destinations, may need different types of sat nav devices. Some may be traveling to a fixed destination every day. Thus prioritizing ones needs is the most important job before getting a new navigation device like this Navman F610 EZY review suggests.

Tomtom Start 25 M Review- Have an Extremely Easy Journey

Are you venturing to a new location that you have never been before? Will you drive using your car? If your answer is yes and you do not have a navigation system installed in your vehicle yet, then this Tomtom start 25 M review will be to your advantage.

Tomtom Start 25 M

As a matter of fact, a lot of people have already benefited because they decided to install a car navigation system. As far as GPS navigation system is concerned, this brand is actually one of the best in its league. The device is popular with people because it is so easy to use. Not only that, you will be able to see maps and you can also see the road clearly through its screen. You don’t believe it? Well, you better do!

Key Features That This Product Possess

Driving is fun. You can also drive comfortably with the help of the GPS car navigation system. That is the reason why we compile the details for this review. One of the nicest things about this product is the fact that you can get a view of the latest maps that are available in your area. This will allow you to get to your location or point of destination in a faster way. Aside from that, there will be a lane guide that you can also see. We believe that even the highway intersections that are hard to find in a traditional map can be seen through this navigation system.

Helpful Navigation System During Your Road Trip

What we love most when gathering information for this review is the fact that we feel relaxed during the travel. Even if we go to a place that we have not been with, we feel safe. This is because we can see our present position through the realistic 3D screen. What could be nicer than that? There are also speed cameras as part of its features. As a matter of fact, there are reports to the users and then the camera locations at the same time. You will receive if there will be road alerts. This navigation technology is such a great help. It is because you can see the reports through the 5 inch touch screen. This will give you a good view because its screen is wide. You can also understand its control easily because it is user-friendly.

Menus You Will Find Useful

Drive with pleasure. In this Tomtom start 25 M Review, we can say that we find their menus helpful. This is most especially with their Help Me menu. This is where we can find local information. Meaning to say, you do not need to go to the nearby internet café just to see the details of the road right at your fingertips. Everything will be flashed on your screen so it will serve as your assistance while you are driving the road. You can truly drive with pleasure because of the useful information that you get from their screen. This is regardless of the area that you are in.

Integrated Screen Function- It Even Works Upside Down

When preparing for this product review, we have also seen its parking assistance. This is such a great help for us that is featured in the TomTom device. The special thing about this feature is that it locates if there are nearby parking areas. The feature of Parking Assist will be there for your aid during your road travel or journey. Using this is not really that difficult. In fact, it will serve as your assistant to be able to see your present route. You can also see the en route parking that will be near your present destination. The screen is so convenient to use. It can be mounted in front of your driving wheel or flip the screen in a foldaway. The windscreen will not be a hassle for you the moment that you will begin driving. You can position it according to your liking. So, adjust the dashboard and the screen will just automatically flip or follow the direction that you set.

Accurate Driving and Updated Maps

When trying out the product to give you the information for this review, we like its function to see the frequent destinations. If you would like, it is also okay to add your personal text into it so that the navigation experience will be quicker and easier for you to understand. Through this Tomtom device, you can see the places that you most often visit. We also get to see the world class and quality maps of this sat nav. As far as the TomTom brand is concerned, they are in this industry for already 25 years or more. They decided to combine the recent updates and state of the art technologies to help drivers lead their ways.

State of the Art Technology

If you are living in Europe, this review will be helpful to you. This is also most especially if you have your own car or a family car. The road network may regularly change but the device updates when there will be necessary changes to the road. The team from Tomtom actually dedicate themselves to be able to provide people the updated maps in Europe. That way, driving will indeed be fun and not too tiresome. You can also save fuel since you will already have the basic idea of the roads that you will drive.

May this Tomtom start 25 M Review be helpful in your hope to find the ideal GPS navigation system for your personal use.

Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT Review- Real Voice, Real Direction!

To be able to provide you the details of this Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT review, we have tried using the navigation system for ourselves. It is not only because we have seen the benefits of a car navigation system but because of the fact that a lot of people are looking for the system that will work well for their own advantage and comfort. After all, it is a thing that made driving a car safer compared to the traditional ways. This is also an ideal system for someone who normally drives his or her own car from home to the office. At least, there would be less of a hassle to drive the vehicle from one location to another.

Garmin nuvi 2597LMT Review

The 5 Inch Screen

Let us say that you are not familiar with the place that you are heading to. If that is the case, then the car navigation system will be of great help to you. This is actually a 5 inch navigation system that can be placed inside your car. This is beneficial for people living in Europe because it provides the full maps that you will need. For people who have already tried using this product, they can most likely tell that they are satisfied with the map updates that they receive from this product. The length and width of the screen is enough for the driver to easily see what is ahead the road.

Real and Natural Instructions for the Driver

To be able to provide you this Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT Review, we have tried the traffic update from this product as well. The truth is that its lifetime traffic and map updates are amazing. It renders natural instructions for the driver. When we tried it for ourselves, we love its camera alerts. It works fast and then it also has live capability function. If you will have to drive to a place that you have not been before, this navigation system will help you get there with ease. It is less of a hassle to your part since there will be instructions that will flash on screen.

Advanced Navigation System That Car Owners Can Use

Did you also know that with this product you can have calls hands-free? Yes, that is true. This is one of the advantages of using this product. It generally provides the person with not just a stress free type of journey but a faster and a safer one. Hence, it is no wonder why there are a lot of car owners who would prefer to use this device. We can attest to that because we tested its advanced sat navigation system to be able to provide you with a more detail to this product.

Free Updates for the User

One of the amazing things about this system is the fact that it allows the car owners to receive free traffic updates. Yes, this is true. As a matter of fact, the details are clear enough with Europe maps. Do not worry because you will not need to pay for the updates. It is because it will be provided as a free option for the car owners. You can also make use of its POI function. It is also acknowledged as the Point of Interest. Let us say that you are searching for nearby restaurants or hotels in the area that you will drive. The POI function will help you find the nearest hotels of restaurants to accommodate for your needs. After all, not all car navigation systems provide the same quality function.

A Product With No Continuous Subscriptions

We have already mentioned earlier that with this product that the user can  enjoy its lifetime updates for free. Meaning to say, you can get the traffic alerts, road reports and map updates that you need without subscription payment. The moment that you avail the car navigation system, you can expect to get its timely update. Remember that this is not something that you can avail from other navigation system. This product is more advanced and it even provides you the information if there will be easier or faster route that you can pass by. For a driver, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

A Navigation System That Activates Through Voice

It is also amazing to find out that this was actually created with a navigation that activates through the voice. Yes, that is true. So if you are driving the car and then you will say your destination, this device will then respond to that. Isn’t that great? Aside from having a touch screen interface, its voice activated system navigation is also a great advantage. At least you can continue to drive without having to get your hands off the wheel. Overall, we as create this review we believe that the system is really amazing. Come to think about it. It also renders navigation for the driver and recognizes your voice as if it is your friend.

A User-Friendly Device

This user friendly device provides realistic road signs and images. Because of its Bluetooth function, the driver can have hands free calling. Anyway, there would be an integrated speaker and microphone when you purchase it. So, what are you waiting for? Get this unique and advanced navigation system today. When choosing a sat nav, you must be sure to buy the correct one which fits best for you.

Tomtom Go Live 1005 Review- You Ideal Car Kit

The truth is that the Tomtom GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M has an interactive navigation that you might love to check out. Not only that, with its design, you will like it because it is more responsive. Its touch screen is rich in color and then you can guarantee its magnetic mount. The service for this product can last up to 3 years and you can enjoy its speed camera and then receive traffic information as well. This is most applicable if you are living in Europe. You can see their intelligent maps that include the IO Routes. That is what we are going to emphasize in this Tomtom go live 1005 review.

TomTom Go Live Review

Receive Traffic As Quickly As Two Minutes

As we are gathering information for this review we figured out that you will be able to get accurate traffic information within two minutes. If we have to think about it, such speed is even 7 times faster compared to the other service provider. There will also be no delays and then you will already know the time that you will arrive. We acknowledge as the one that researched for this review that the GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M allows us to drive hassle free. Its coverage will be very detailed in Europe. For someone who commutes daily or driving regularly, the services from the GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M would be a great thing.

Take Control of Your Travel Today

Isn’t it that the moment you wake up in the morning, prepared your stuffs and then you decide to go out, there will be surprises along the roads? The scenes on the road will not always be the same. We found out in this Tomtom go live 1005 review that we prepared that the service can actually allow you to take control of the whole journey. This is because you will have an update about the happenings along the road. The update will be brought to you straight from the air and then towards your device. You can read different kinds of reviews and opinions across the internet. You will realize that it provides you an annual rate that is affordable.

Free Maps for Travelers Taking Business Trips or On Holiday

One of the best things about the GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M is the fact that it actually allows you to work straightly. Do not worry because for one year, this will be free. Aside from that, there are a lot of countries that it can cover. Let us say that you are usually going to different places for business trips. Then, the GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M can be your great help. This is also a good use when you are taking for your holiday. In fact, it contains the lifetime maps.

HD Traffic Available From GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M

What are the other advantages of the GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M? Of course, it will allow you to call hands free. This is because the service is empowered with Bluetooth. You will also be able to see HD traffic through it. This will be a great help for someone because you could always drive your way around with a detailed map right through the device. This is very helpful because you can get to your destination place way faster because of the lifetime map feature on the GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M. Do not worry because this feature is actually free. But to be able to get the update for the following year, you have to update it. That way, you can see the necessary changes in the road network. The same thing also applies in the Points of Interest as well as the addresses.

Experience An Accurate Journey Live On TomTom Device

As we search enough to provide you this review, we found out that the product actually allows you to check the traffic news through the internet, TV and then the radio. This will provide you the hindsight of what is happening to your country’s main highways. GO LIVE 1005 EU HDT M will give you the route calculation and the difference right through your device. Since it renders HD traffic help, the drivers will find it more helpful once they are on the road. In fact, it can also estimate the time of delay and then it proposes for alternative route options within an instant. This is what we like most when we are doing the review. It is because the drivers can still remain in control and calm even if they are not familiar about the place.

Searching for TomTom Places

One of the nicest things about the TomTom device is the fact that you can actually search for one place and then go there faster. There will be search results that you can view and it works primarily for the drivers. In fact, even the details regarding the supermarket and then the local pertrol station. It is important that you will just type the word or address that you are looking. After that, there will be different matching locations that you can see. The device will allow you to get there but of course you will do the basic driving. There are details for Expedia and then the Trip Advisor. As we found out that in this review, we love the device because of the fact that it can lead us to different places. Come to think about it. We can also check out if there are shops, restaurants and other attractions once we use the product. Thanks for checking out the key features of this product today from this Tomtom go live 1005 review.

Garmin Nuvi 2545lmt Review- Your Trip Planner on Screen

This Garmin nuvi 2545lmt review describes about the traffic alerts, map updates and then the Europe maps that are available features of the product. This is actually an advanced and used widely by a lot of people. Most of those who are using this are drivers. That is the reason why we also dedicate this review for them. We understand the needs of drivers to have updates about the traffic so that they can travel the road with less traffic. Aside from that, this will also allow them to get to the place in a faster way.

Garmin Nuvi 2545lmt Review

Sophisticated and Unique Features for Everyday Use

As we gather information to provide you with an updated review, we also found out that most of the features are built with sophistication. Most of the features of this product can actually be used every day. Its touch screen is 5” wide. From the width itself, it is super wide and then there are also map updates in the Western European places. This will be very helpful for someone living there. Not only that. There are also traffic and lifetime maps that you can check out. That is what we love most about the product when we are creating for this review. Did you also know that there are speed cameras and a unique Cyclops function?

Quick Search for Points of Interest

One of the best things about this product that we found out when making this awesome review is the fact that its navigation features are advanced. In fact, its navigation engine is also advanced and then it provides intuitive and fast user interface. This is good for its swifter function. Aside from that, its routing is also more accurate. Its search facilities are faster. When it comes to searching for the point of interest, it works easier such as the hotels, restaurants and then the airports at the same time. As we are doing this review, we figured out that it indeed has advanced features. You can just think about its 3D Traffic feature. It will work with Photo Real Junction and then it works exclusively for the upcoming junctions and exits.

Use this product to Avoid Tie Ups of Traffic

For someone who normally drives the road, you surely do not want to face traffic. This is most especially if you are heading to somewhere important and then you need to be there at the exact time. The good thing about using this product is that it will allow you to avoid being tied in traffic. Do you know the reason why? Well, it is because the update of traffic will be delivered to you in 3D. This means that it will be clear enough for you to see the roads that fit for your destination.  You can check out for this function today.

Comprehensive Road Update for You

This product is actually delivered through the RDS-TMC which functions traditionally. The special thing about this service is that you can exactly see the traffic trends. Aside from that, the date for the historic route will also be visible right through your screen the moment that you are driving. You can also see the present traffic situation so you can find out about the congestion. If you are going to have a planned journey, the incidents will also be updated for you. This is what we like about this product as we are gathering facts to present this review for you. We realized that its sources actually cover about 80 million of which so you could be able to understand about the news that is happening right through the road that you will travel.

Check for Alternative Routes for Your Travel

Are you searching for an alternative route during your travel? If your answer is yes, then this product will be very helpful for you. This is the special thing about this Garmin nuvi 2545lmt review because you can find alternative options if you are so busy and you need to get to the destination in less time than required. The roads update will be covered in Europe and in UK at the same time. Let us say that there are queues. Then, the routes are there to assist you to prevent delays. The lifetime traffic is actually free which is a good thing. You can encourage your friend to try this innovative product, too. That way, they can also see the traffic data that we also love.

Get Familiar to the Place With a Realistic Digital Map

The thing is that you can actually avoid the tricky exits and confusion. We realized that the function of the Photo Real Junction will let the driver see the exits and then the major junctions. All of the details will be flashed through the screen. Even the trees and the other surroundings can also be viewed by the user of this innovative product. Aside from that, you will also be able to see the pylons and then the bridges so you can see the ways that you will pass through. Do not worry because your present position will be visible right through the map. Everything will just be realistic so you need not to worry about getting lost.

If you really wanted a digital product that will let you see your direction as you drive, then this product is really a perfect choice for you. Although the traffic areas are not available to all of the areas, you always have the choice to connect it through the traffic supplier in your country. That way, the updates of the map will be included. We hope this Garmin nuvi 2545lmt review has helped you make the right decision, whether to purchase it or not.

Tomtom XXL IQ Review- Take Benefit of Its Mapshare Technology

Are you looking for a new built-in navigation system for your car? If your answer is yes, then this Tomtom XXL IQ review will be helpful for you. It is true that there are already navigation systems and car audio that are available in the market. Some of which are even pre-installed in the car already. However, there are cars that do not have these helpful accessories so it would be beneficial if you can find the product that will fit most to what you are looking for. That is why we have gathered the information for this product. You might find the Tom Tom XXL IQ interesting enough for you to consider having it installed in your own car. To find out its features, read below:

Tomtom xxl iq review

Its GPS That Works For Areas in Europe

If you are living in Europe and you wanted to have a car navigation system, then this review will provide you the details about this product. Actually, all of the IQ Routes are covered in this navigation system. This is what makes this product even more special. This is because the major road events will be delivered right through your screen. This means that you can actually drive comfortably and safely. This is what the makers of the TomTom’s XXL GPS wanted to do- to help people get to their destination with less hassle. The map coverage of the TomTom XXL is clear enough once you are in Europe. Isn’t it a great thing? You can actually see the 3d Views on the road that you are heading to.

Understanding the Basic Symbols to Easily Navigate on the Road

When we are preparing for the details for this Tomtom XXL IQ Review, we actually find this navigation system more interesting. It is tough in the sense that thousands of users have already benefited from it. In fact, a lot of which have already been saved in getting into a traffic jam. This is because they were informed ahead through the traffic alerts that you can also receive from this TomTom XXL update. The software of this navigation system is actually excellent. It can be installed through your car and then you can already enjoy its features for free. Of course, you will just have to be familiar about its basic navigation symbols. Even if you are a regular traveler, you will love this model of device just as we do when preparing for this review.

Functional Features of this product

Did you know that the TomTom XXL actually has a speech feature? This means that it can deliver you the road updates or direction through voice activation. It is build with the IQ routes so the road landmarks can also be visible to you. The route that you will drive will be seen through the 5 inch screen. Driving has become fun and easier because your speed will also be measured. At least you can save when it comes to petrol bills because you can find the road that can easily reach you to the point of destination. There will also be lane guidance that is visible in the TomTom XXL. So, what is the purpose of this advanced guidance lane? This will serve as the helping hand for the car drivers. It offers a 3D function as well as the difficult junctions through the Mapshare technology.

Recent Map Updates Available Every 30 Days

With the TomTom Home software that will be installed in the car navigation system, it will be easy for the owners to have map updates every 30 days. At least you will be able to know if there are changes in the road. It is guaranteed that the product is indeed created to perfection. That way, driving will become safer and more efficient at the same time. There are already various stores that sell for this product. There are also companies that can even help you install for this product for your convenience. When we tried the product for our personal use to create this Tomtom XXL IQ Review, we also found out its high quality service. It can be professionally installed in the car or you can just purchase the model and install it on your own.

Get Traffic Warnings

Sure enough, there are different features that the TomTom Home software provides. This product has a fix GPS so you can get speed warnings, text feature, speech feature and traffic warnings through this product. A lot of people have already experienced the benefits of this product when they use it for their own cars. Its functionality is not something that you can easily see from the other car navigation system. As a matter of fact, this TomTom Home software is unique in so many ways. It does not just give your car with an aesthetic appear but will also give you the comfort that you desire when driving. So let us say that you use to go  on an outing with your family using your car. Then, this system will be so helpful for you.

Drive Around With This Device in Your Car

When creating this review we compared other navigation systems as well. We can say that the TomTom Home software has a clear navigation system and offers high quality update at the same time. All of the components in the TomTom Home XXL IQ are installed so that the car owners and drivers can roam around the city with less fear of getting lost. We can say that it has a multi-purpose function. It has a wide screen then acting as GPS receiver as well. With about 42 countries that are found in Europe, the details are flashed through this software.

Get the excellent features of the TomTom Home software today! You can actually get the traffic warnings to safely drive wherever you may be in Europe through this Tomtom XXL IQ Review.

Binatone S500 Review- Its Advanced Features

You may already have the idea about car navigation and alarm systems. In this Binatone S500 review, we are going to share with you the value of the product and why a lot of people have chosen to install this in their own car. We can truly say that we are living in a world where technology has become a great help to our daily routine. Even our vehicle can already be installed with integrated navigation system and alarm system so that it will be protected from thefts. On the other hand, the role of the navigation system is that it allows us to drive comfortably even if our destination is a place that we have not been to. This is what we are going to highlight in this review for you today.

Binatone S500 review

A Slim Device That Functions More Than Just Navigating

There are interesting features of the Binatone S500 product and that is what we are going to talk about. The navigation system is actually not just ordinary. You can even connect this system to your smart phone so that you can receive and make calls without having to remove your hands from the wheel. At least, it can ensure that you will drive safely on the road. Aside from that, there are also other functions of the Binatone S500. It is complete with the music player and the FM radio. This will light up your day so driving will not be boring. The device is super slim so you need not to worry that it will take much of the space in your car.

The Digital Picture Flashed Through Its 5-inch Screen

There are also many advantages of the features of the Binatone S500. For example, did you know that it is created in a 5 inch screen? Its LCD is anti reflective and aside from that it is also super bright. If we are going to think about this physical appearance, viewing for the routes will not be that difficult. Not only that. You get to see the POI or points of interest. We can include the hotels, restaurants and the nearby petrol stations. At least we will not find it that difficult when we are driving to a new location. We also tried this product before we even compiled the details for this review. That is the reason why we can also guarantee you of its function.

A Trend You Can Install In Your Car

So, what are the other things that we should look forward to in the Binatone S500? Well, there is its GPS receiver that functions for high sensitivity optimum performance. As a matter of fact, it has a user friendly function and multi languages can be chosen. If you choose the English version, then you may do so. The good thing about it is that you can truly upgrade your car to match this year’s trend. We consider this to be an exceptional technology and a lot of people also think of the same thing. This is because a lot of people have benefited from what the Binatone S500 has offered them. When we tried this product for the purpose of gathering details for this review, we were amazed of its automatic function.

What the Box Contains Upon Purchasing the Product

There are a lot of devices and accessories that you can place in your car. The GPS navigation car system is only one thing. However, choosing the right product should be your priority to make driving more comfortable than ever. You can also feel safe even if you will drive far away or to a destination that you are not familiar with. In this Binatone S500 Review, we have even tried the Binatone S500. We can say that it is technologically advanced. As you purchase the product, the box will contain the things that you will need for installation and everyday use. For example, there is the navigation GPS device. Another thing, there will be the in-car charger, the car mounting kit, stylus, USB cable, and then the user guide for your convenience.

The Navigation Device You Can Trust

What we actually wanted is comfort and safety when we are driving on the road. The good thing is that the makers of the Binatone S500 product saw these needs. That is the reason why they also put a document viewer, digital picture and then the music player in its features. Aside from that, they have also included in the mobile phone to connect through the device. This is done through the Bluetooth feature of the Binatone S500. When we are gathering the details for this review we have also tried the product and we are really amazed to how much it can deliver for us. It is indeed more than just an ordinary car navigation system.

Learning How to Install and Use the Navigation Device

When you are planning to purchase for the Binatone S500, better read for the Binatone S500 Review and understand more its features. It is true that there are other products in the market. These car navigation systems do not work the same though. The procedure of its installation may be the same but its look and function will be different. You can read the technical manual so that you can easily capture the instructions just as stated in their guide manual. It is not really that difficult to do. A lot of car owners have already tried it on their own and you can too. Get started by getting familiar with the functions of the mounting kit, the charger, the stylus and then the GPS car navigation device itself. It is not really that difficult to learn.

Binatone G350 Review – A System That Allows You to Drive Like a Local

For a car driver who will be driving to a new location, they may consider asking the neighborhoods within the nearby areas. Doing this thing, while it is effective, could be time consuming. That is the reason why the car navigation systems are invented. This is the purpose of the Binatone G350 review that we have also prepared. We wanted to help a lot of people in their decision of purchasing a new GPS navigation system for their car. This is most especially if they do not have the idea of the brand and the features that they should look for. We have gathered the information that you may find helpful in this review.

Binatone G350 Review

Slim Design of the Navigation System Product

You can purchase its 3.5 inch screen and you will not need an additional keyboard for it to work properly. As a matter of fact, it is a touch screen product. For an outer appearance, the design is ultra design. It is just perfect for your car. In fact, it will not take too much of the space because this product is slim enough. The good thing also is that the camera safety alerts are already pre-installed with the product. We like its 2d and 3d function of mapping. So, even if you are not familiar with the place, you can directly drive through there. What you will basically need is just to type the location and then you can see the map that you will need.

Display Mapping to Let You Drive Easily

So, what are the other advantages? Did you know that with this, it would actually be possible for one to drive as if they have been long staying in the area? This is because your present position will also be indicated in the system. With its 2D and 3D mapping, everything will be seen clearly. In fact, the well known landmarks also see on the screen. At least, you will no longer find it hard to get to the destination that you are planning to go. As a matter of fact, this contains full Ireland and UK mapping. Its screen display will provide you the details that you are looking for.

Satellite Navigation System

We also love the fact that this product has a clear voice when it is giving directions to the driver. You can easily see the digit postcode so that searching will be made easier. What we also like is its navigation satellite system. There are a lot of people who like its feature that will be flashed on its screen. If you will decide to purchase this product, the car charger, carry case, UBS cable, and then the User guide will already be included in the box. Of course, the navigation system is already there.

The Reflective Touch Function of the System

Even if you are not familiar with the place that you are heading to, there is no need to worry about this. As a matter of fact, you do not need to call for someone who is living in the local just to know the direction. It is because this system itself will be your guide. It also provides you the POI or what we call as the Point of Interest. Let us say that during your drive, you wanted to eat in a nearby restaurant. In that case, you can easily search that using the device. We love its function because it can also be connected to our mobile phone. The distance will be displayed so that the driver will have the basic idea as to how far will he or she will need to drive.

A Navigation System You Will Love

Driving comfortably is a task that has become simpler because of the Binatone G350 navigation system. For someone who may not be familiar with the GPS navigation system, it is not that difficult to learn the Binatone G350. In fact, you can just follow it from the Binatone G350 Review or the product guide that you will receive upon purchasing the product. This technology is worth investing for someone who owns a car and loves to travel. You can actually avoid traffic on the road because of this navigation system. This is because it will signal you of the traffic news along the way.

Interesting Features

There is no need for you to print a real map just to be able to get to the new location. You can just install it to your car or have someone do it. Do not worry because this task is really not that difficult to do. The navigation system will be your partner in travel. Remember that you do not really always need to have it turned on every time you are traveling. You can also turn it off if you are already familiar with the road. However, if you wanted to trace your fuel usage, this one would be to your advantage. That is the reason why the Binatone G350 is known to be a fuel saver too. Aside from that, you will also have the idea of your speed limit. If you will be searching for a stop to relax for quite a bit, make use of the POI function.  The navigation system will be the one to talk to you for your convenience. We put these features in this review because we know that it will be helpful.

Drive comfortably starting today as you read this Binatone G350 Review. This navigation system will be a great help even to places you are not familiar with.

Binatone R430 Review- A Navigation System With Pre Installed POI

That is why we decided to provide you with this Binatone R430 review as we are hoping to provide you with a detailed review about an interesting product that we have also tried for ourselves. With this review we found out that it provides the driver of the car to drive efficiently and safely. Let us say that you are planning to visit someone to a location that you are not familiar with. Well, with the Binatone R430, you can actually find the easiest route towards your destination.

Binatone R430 Review

What Is the Unique Thing About This System

One revolutionary feature of the Binatone R430 is that it is made up of a 4.3 inch screen. It allows the user to see the details of the road in a clear way. Aside from that, such screen is a touch screen. It can easily render you the road updates whenever you need it. There are already a lot of people who are using for this product. In fact, its points of interest or the POI are also installed in this product. So, if you are planning to find for hotels and restaurants nearby the area, this gadget will help you find what you are searching for.

A Navigation Device You Would Love to Have!

As we gather information to provide you this Binatone R430 Review, we realize how valuable this product really is. In fact, if you will avail the product, its box already contains the Binatone R430 navigation GPS device. There will also be a car mounting kit, USB cable, stylus, user guide, and then the charger that you can put in your car. Normally, this navigation system works for 2 hours because of its battery. However if you will have to drive longer that and you will not turn off the navigation system, you will basically need its charger. The software that you need are already pre-installed to the Binatone R430 the moment that you will purchase for it.

Have a Comfortable Drive From Now On

We understand that there are a lot of car drivers who are sometimes confused by the road that they are heading to. Sometimes, they will get out of their car in confusion because they no longer know the location. This is most likely to happen if you have not been in such location. That is the reason why there is such an advanced car system that will help you find the right road that will lead you to your destination. This is what the navigator stands for. When we gather the features of the product to provide you a detailed product review, we also come to love the product for our own use. Do you know what is more interesting about this navigation system? Well, it is the fact that it does not have a complicated function. Its touch screen provides real time instruction so that everything will be done in comfort.

Understand How the System Works

The Binatone R430 is indeed a smart device. A lot of its users can testify for it to be so. This is because the dashboard functions well and then its car alarm system also works together above all else. Its software has proper coordinates so that your present location when driving the car will also be visible on the screen. At least with the information that you will read from the screen, you will have the basic idea as a driver as to how far you will still have to drive before you will reach the destination. Do not worry because the information is all precise. Aside from that, we realize when preparing for this review that the Binatone R430 does have technical manual. So if you may not understand something about the system, you can just easily browse it for your understanding.

A Navigation Device That Is Portable

A lot of companies that provide alarm system now offer a GPS system to the people. It is because they have seen its need and then it is also handy. If you are planning to have it installed in your car, it does not really required too much space. As a matter of fact, it can be fixed near your wheel so that you can clearly see the precise information whenever you will drive. Basically, you will have to understand the technical manual. This is because there will be symbols in the system that you have to get familiar with. The model is innovative and would make a great accessory for your car. In this review that we have prepared, we believe that the compact system is really helpful to the people especially for car owners.

Installing This Product to Your Car

If you are planning to purchase a navigation system for your car, it would always be better if you could finalize the features that you wanted to have. That way, you will be in a good position whenever you are heading to a new location. This is also a way for you to enjoy driving the road even if you are not familiar with it. After all, there will be road updates and traffic alerts that you can receive. The car navigation system will actually provide you the information for the purpose of giving you a comfortable driving. The price of the Binatone R430 may vary depending on the store that you will purchase it. There are also online stores that you can head to. When we create this Binatone R430 Review, we checked that there are also available maps of Ireland and UK.