Navman Mio Spirit 685 Review – A Device To Keep You Right

If you are looking for a voice navigation GPS device that comprehends your budget, then make sure you read this Navman Mio Spirit 685 review. This device designed to offer the best GPS experience and that too, without additional costs. If you’d like a powerful navigation device that virtually offers everything you can ask of a GPS device, then this has to be your go-to product.

Navman Mio Spirit 685 review

Brief Product Description

This Navman Mio Spirit 685 comes with a trip planner which is something you can count on. To make sure you get it right on the road, the trip planner and voice alerts feature can come handy. If you are in pursuit of excellence at an affordable cost, then this is the best sat nav device you can think of. The comprehensive user manual offers peace of mind as to the working and performance of the device. To ease your nerves, the device offers real-time traffic alerts along with direction indicators. If you are looking to avoid road congestion’s, then this device has it covered for you.

What comes in the box

In the box, there is the Navman Mio Spirit 685 device itself. In addition to that, there is a car charger with a TMC antenna. For better placing of the device, there is a windscreen mounting bracket you can find within the box. The utility of a software DVD is immense, and for this, the box contains the DVD you can refer to in case you need guidance in terms of setting up the device.

Product Features & Technical Details

The device comes with a 5.0” inch large touch screen that can make viewing better than ever. This Navman Mio Spirit 685 supports 2 GB of memory in addition to the external memory one can go for. Processor of a device sets the tone and if you are interested in knowing about the processor details of the device, then ensure you give this Navman Mio Spirit 685 review a thorough read. The device uses a Samsung 6443 processor type that comes with a clock speed of 400MHz. The internal ROM memory of the device is 2GB, whereas it supports 128MB of SDRAM memory. To make navigation easier and effective, the device uses a SIRF start 3 chip-set that supports up to 20 GPs channels. TMC hardware is also there for the taking. There is a rechargeable and integrated lithium-ion battery having a capacity of 720mAh. The device uses a color display with 480 x 272 pixels of resolution. With a 5.0” display size, the landscape orientation adds to the display of the device. The device has a width of 142mm, whereas its height is 88.5mm with a depth of 17.5mm. The device is on the lighter side with a weight of 185g. If this isn’t it, then there is also a built-in antenna for you to enjoy.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Considering the price and effectiveness of this GPS device, existing owners rightfully can’t resist praising the device through their feedback. Leaving feedback for a product isn’t mandatory, but many of the GPS device owners find it obligatory to tell the world how much efficient the device is. When it comes to summarizing the feedback of existing owners, it seems to be a one-way ride as there is a complete list of adjectives used to praise the company. Such feedback from existing owners indicates the superb performance and immaculate operating system the device has to offer.

Pros of product

GPS navigation requirements are getting to a newer level, so to cater to that, this device offers a widescreen navigation feature. By using the device, you can choose the route you think will serve you the best based on fuel-efficiency. If you’d like handy input as to how you are driving, then the LearnMe Pro feature is something to look forward to. It monitors the driving style and provides personalized alerts to make sure you are doing fine on the road. If you don’t want to be part of a traffic hold-up, then this Navman Mio Spirit 685 helps you achieve that by providing alternate routes having little traffic. Finding a car park when on an unfamiliar road can be nuisance, but thanks to Parking Assistance feature, you can get a comprehensive list of car parks within 1km of your location.

Cons of product

Setting up the device for the first time can be a bit time-consuming so make sure you have it covered before making use of the device on the road.

Who should buy this product

This is a must-buy product for people looking for a perfect GPS device that doesn’t hit their wallet hard. If you’ve been looking for something similar, then stop scratching your head as your wait for an excellent yet affordable GPS device is over.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a product you can’t let go. Enjoying all those listed features wasn’t that economical before. This Navman Mio Spirit 685 review would have helped you make your mind in terms of having the device, so make sure you go for it, which is certainly the right way forward.

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