Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM Review – Get More For Your Money

This Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM review is a must for all of you looking for a comprehensive product guide. With free lifetime maps and un-interrupted coverage, you no longer have to scratch your head in terms of replacing the maps and spending extra money.

Navman Mio Spirit 695 lm review

Brief Product Description

With this large screen size, you can enjoy better display that can come handy when using a GPS device. The screen is the major determinant in terms of the performance of a navigation device, and for that, Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM offers enhanced screen size you can count on. There are buttons for easier controls so you can use the device without any hindrance. The device is superb for those that look for ultimate guide for street names and complete route guide when on the road. The device comes with an enhanced screen size of 5.0”, which certainly adds to the appearance of overall value of the device.

What comes in the box

To make sure you use the device un-interrupted, there is a car charger that can be connected to the cigarette lighter when on the road. Moreover, the box comes with a software DVD so you can setup and operate the device with ease. In addition, of course, the box contains a wonderful navigation device (Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM) as well.

Product Features & Technical Details

Device uses a lithium-ion battery that supports battery capacity of 720mAh. Weight of the device is mere 172.g, which makes the device even more sleek and easy to use. The physical dimensions of a GPS device play a key role and if you are interested in coming across those attributes, then make sure you keep on reading this review. Width of the device is 141.88 mm with a height of 86 mm, whereas depth of the device is 15 mm. If this is not it, then you can also make use of the USB cable that is there to ease your nerves big time. The 5.0” color touch screen is the hallmark of the device. On the device, a power indicator LED is located that can be handy in terms of operating the device under any circumstances. The device uses CSR A5 processor type, which incorporates a clock speed of 664MHz. The navigation software of the device uses a GPs chipset SIRF star 3 and offers 20 GPS channels. The internal RAM memory of the device is 64MB with ROM memory being 4GB. The display resolution of the device is 480 x 272 pixels with landscape orientation.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Apart from appreciating the quality of the device, many customers are of the view that user guide is a bit limited, which ultimately makes you experiment in terms of the working of the device. This, however, can be overcome if you prior knowledge of GPS devices. The improvement to the previous models has somewhat paved the way towards this Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM and the device itself is one of its kinds in the market. Based on Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM review, the device needs minor tweaks here and there, so keeping that in mind, this is a navigation device you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Pros of product

QuickSpell Keyboard is another feature you can make use of when on the road. This feature will help you save time by automatically correcting the spelling and other related errors for real-time navigation. Lifetime map and route updates are the primary benefit you can derive by going with the product. The devices uses a new and intuitive key-word search based system where you can now search for a particular destination and the device will list optimal accurate results. Real-time information regarding the IQ routes is a feature you shouldn’t overlook as it can serve you big time. The device offers not only lane assistance but turn-direction guidance is there for the taking as well.

Cons of product

Map coverage is limited to the UK and Ireland, which can be annoying particularly when you intend to use the device in Europe as well.

Who should buy this product

Virtually everyone who intends to use a GPS device that not only works efficiently, but also adds to the appeal when placed in a car. If you are looking for such a navigation device, then make sure you don’t miss out on this Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM. As this is more than just a GPS device, so you are always up for an exciting journey. The intuitive maps can set you on the right track and you can save precious time when driving to a particular location. If you’d like to explore new places when driving, then make sure you have this device with you all the time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When it comes to recommending this product to you, there’s a big YES. Though, there are certain adjustments needed, yet the overall performance is excellent enough for you to enjoy peace of mind. This Navman Mio Spirit 695 LM review has provided you with the necessary guideline that can be handy in terms of buying the device.

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