Navman S50 review – The Latest Launch Of Navman

The Navman S50 review revolves around this latest product from the Navman brand. Though the device is averagely priced, yet the display screen of 4.3” is wide enough to give its higher end rivals a competition. The gadget is the second of the Navman S-series model to contain the following features:

  • The NavPix software.
  • A widescreen of 4.3 inches, that is larger than the earlier S30 model.
  • The device supports Bluetooth, so that you can take calls while driving using the hands free.

navman s50 review

The Navman S50 Overview

The device doesn’t have manual buttons as the older navigation devices of Navman . All bodily buttons are now converted to soft key operations through the touch screen. The soft keys on the main screen of the map are big and visible enough to be accessed easily even when seen under traffic lights. The icons are arranged well; they are bright, colorful and are visibly large for easy operation. The main menu gives access to most of the important operations. Simple tapping over the menu icons navigates you through saved addresses, your home location, and all of the 500,000 pre-loaded points of interests, and obviously takes your through your saved and recently visited places.

The home screen offers options to modify the preferences. The previous models had fuel and physical parking buttons as well, which are eliminated in this model, so as to include these switches on the soft touch menu, together with other interesting choices, like emergency services, places of tourist interests, and food joints.

The device’s mount is a clean piece of compact unit, and is places over the windshield under complete protection that prevents any sliding off or displacement of the gadget while driving speedily or roughly. It fits to the windshield with suction, making the attachment firmer. It’s easy to charge the device with the car charger via the mini USB plug, and it is easy to connect the plug with the device while being mounted.

Best Features As A Gadget:

  • The built-in NavPix software allows navigation through geotagged images. The gadget comes pre loaded with the Sensis maps and SiRFStar III chipset. This GPS reception system catches and processes signals within a minute and is a very quick and efficient system. The experience of navigation is average and satisfactory-and quite good in terms of the price you are paying.
  • While searching an address, the program tries to manage the long list by filtering the suburbs state wise. The address search can be done either by ordinary typing or through an option of QWERTY typing. While typing the letters the program speaks out the letters loud, thus avoiding any chance of typing errors.

The gadget has the SmartST 2008 software for navigation, together with the WhereIS latest R14 map. The maps are clear, and highlighted even better through voice command.

  • There is a drop down menu stating the route information’s to the right hand corner top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, again to the right side is an icon that shows the charge of the battery left, the GPS tower, and an option to mute the sounds. All normal routing options have been supported in it, including the preferences options, through this option one can set route preferences, places of interest, food joints to one’s likes and choices. Users can configure this device, to create speed alerts.
  • Once paired with the mobile, the device gives you the access to your phone calls, text messages, and call logs so that you can reach out to your mobile, receive calls while driving but as the voice quality is medium, a good quality handsfree usage is recommended.
  • The device enables you to have an advance overview of the traffic in the routes so that you can paln your route of navigating through a less traffic- jammed route and save time.

Improvement Required In The Features

Navman S50 review put forwards some areas where minor improvement is required. The areas have been penned below for your information.

  • The initial setup of the sat nav takes time, and while this setup is done you cannot access the maps or menus, or ask routes etc. during that period of the time. You cannot search addresses through pin codes either. Once the full setting is done you can then gain a full access to all its features.
  • Once you enter the menu or sub-menus, it takes at least 2 taps, or sometimes more to get back to the main map screen. The pairing of the devices’s Bluetooth with any other mobile devices is a little troublesome as at times due to unknown reason, doesn’t find the pair. The device package, does not include an AC adaptor, thus, the users will need to charge their navigators in cars using car chargers or USBs.

Advantages of the gadget

• Attractive design.

• Bright and intuitive interface.

• The Letter is said out loudly while typing leaving no space for errors.

• NavPix software.

• Bluetooth.

• Route traffic feature predicting the high traffics on roads.

Some disadvantages of the gadget

  • Slow re-routing timing.
  • Built in camera not available with NavPix.
  • While the settings are adjusted, the device cannot be used until the process is completed.

Closing Notes

The design of the device is attractive, sleek, slim, and lightweight, yet feels strong enough. The window mount is designed quite well keeping in mind ease of use; it’s quite easy to transfer the device from one car to another by simply clipping the mount on and off. The navigator is priced a little higher than its older version the S30. But this is because of the Bluetooth and the wide screen, both of which were not available in the S30 series. The Bluetooth and NavPix are good additions in respect to the price, though NavPix doesn’t contain the inbuilt camera.  All together, the Navman S50 is a good deal for the price, as per the Navman S50 Review.

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