Tomtom XXL IQ Review- Take Benefit of Its Mapshare Technology

Are you looking for a new built-in navigation system for your car? If your answer is yes, then this Tomtom XXL IQ review will be helpful for you. It is true that there are already navigation systems and car audio that are available in the market. Some of which are even pre-installed in the car already. However, there are cars that do not have these helpful accessories so it would be beneficial if you can find the product that will fit most to what you are looking for. That is why we have gathered the information for this product. You might find the Tom Tom XXL IQ interesting enough for you to consider having it installed in your own car. To find out its features, read below:

Tomtom xxl iq review

Its GPS That Works For Areas in Europe

If you are living in Europe and you wanted to have a car navigation system, then this review will provide you the details about this product. Actually, all of the IQ Routes are covered in this navigation system. This is what makes this product even more special. This is because the major road events will be delivered right through your screen. This means that you can actually drive comfortably and safely. This is what the makers of the TomTom’s XXL GPS wanted to do- to help people get to their destination with less hassle. The map coverage of the TomTom XXL is clear enough once you are in Europe. Isn’t it a great thing? You can actually see the 3d Views on the road that you are heading to.

Understanding the Basic Symbols to Easily Navigate on the Road

When we are preparing for the details for this Tomtom XXL IQ Review, we actually find this navigation system more interesting. It is tough in the sense that thousands of users have already benefited from it. In fact, a lot of which have already been saved in getting into a traffic jam. This is because they were informed ahead through the traffic alerts that you can also receive from this TomTom XXL update. The software of this navigation system is actually excellent. It can be installed through your car and then you can already enjoy its features for free. Of course, you will just have to be familiar about its basic navigation symbols. Even if you are a regular traveler, you will love this model of device just as we do when preparing for this review.

Functional Features of this product

Did you know that the TomTom XXL actually has a speech feature? This means that it can deliver you the road updates or direction through voice activation. It is build with the IQ routes so the road landmarks can also be visible to you. The route that you will drive will be seen through the 5 inch screen. Driving has become fun and easier because your speed will also be measured. At least you can save when it comes to petrol bills because you can find the road that can easily reach you to the point of destination. There will also be lane guidance that is visible in the TomTom XXL. So, what is the purpose of this advanced guidance lane? This will serve as the helping hand for the car drivers. It offers a 3D function as well as the difficult junctions through the Mapshare technology.

Recent Map Updates Available Every 30 Days

With the TomTom Home software that will be installed in the car navigation system, it will be easy for the owners to have map updates every 30 days. At least you will be able to know if there are changes in the road. It is guaranteed that the product is indeed created to perfection. That way, driving will become safer and more efficient at the same time. There are already various stores that sell for this product. There are also companies that can even help you install for this product for your convenience. When we tried the product for our personal use to create this Tomtom XXL IQ Review, we also found out its high quality service. It can be professionally installed in the car or you can just purchase the model and install it on your own.

Get Traffic Warnings

Sure enough, there are different features that the TomTom Home software provides. This product has a fix GPS so you can get speed warnings, text feature, speech feature and traffic warnings through this product. A lot of people have already experienced the benefits of this product when they use it for their own cars. Its functionality is not something that you can easily see from the other car navigation system. As a matter of fact, this TomTom Home software is unique in so many ways. It does not just give your car with an aesthetic appear but will also give you the comfort that you desire when driving. So let us say that you use to go  on an outing with your family using your car. Then, this system will be so helpful for you.

Drive Around With This Device in Your Car

When creating this review we compared other navigation systems as well. We can say that the TomTom Home software has a clear navigation system and offers high quality update at the same time. All of the components in the TomTom Home XXL IQ are installed so that the car owners and drivers can roam around the city with less fear of getting lost. We can say that it has a multi-purpose function. It has a wide screen then acting as GPS receiver as well. With about 42 countries that are found in Europe, the details are flashed through this software.

Get the excellent features of the TomTom Home software today! You can actually get the traffic warnings to safely drive wherever you may be in Europe through this Tomtom XXL IQ Review.

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